Call For Graphics: Romania/Biden

Call For Graphics: Romania/Biden

Romania, PapaD, Energy, Levant, Cyprus

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What are Joe Biden’s dealings in Romania, invoked by Donald Trump’s lawyer?

Cyprus is key

>>8126069 The strange truth behind the Biden love triangle

>>8125963 Romania Corrupt Land Deal

>>8126020 Kerry and Biden and their Kid's Shady Equity Firm

>>8126086 Why was Biden Really Hired?

>>8126131 >>8126143 5x Hunter steps on Dad toes.

>>8126240 Retirement Party

>>8125903 Hunter on the board of the left’s premier national security network

>>8102328 Biden, Soros, Burisma Holdings, and Ukraine perspective from Russia Insider News

>>8091205 Biden>Romania>Gabriel Popoviciu>Louis Freeh>Clintons

>>8091225 Giuliani says firm defending corrupt Romanian-American is …

>>8091239 Freeh represents Gabriel “Puiu” Popoviciu, convicted in 2016 relating to his purchase of land in Bucharest

>>8091269 Nicolae Ceaușescu leads directly to Clintons.

>>8091208 May as well make a timeline of major world events for past decades, for reference (call for timeline)


>>8086485 Joe Biden's son advised crooked Romanian businessman sentenced for corruption

>>8085853 Hunter Biden Scandal Expands Into Romania

>>8085881 Lots of corrupt money.

>>8085973 CA is currently trying to take over PG&E

>>8085967 Watch Sri Lanka too.

>>8049994 Cyprus keeps coming up.

>>8050021 Burisma used financial institutions in Cyprus to launder the money

>>8050074 And Latvia blew the whistle on that.

>>8050384 Rudy mentions a $12B money laundering scheme through Romania (Follow the Pen)


>pretty sure all the DS kids are involved too

This is way bigger than you think anons. Think the israeli, cyprus, greece, egypt, gas pipeline.

Who orchestrated? Netanyahu and others. Who played a main role? PapaD!

Why did they want to take PapaD out? Why did they really want to take him out?

Not only to harm potus, also to harm the deal. There was another competing pipeline suggested, headed by turkey, ukrainian oligarchs, qatar, and some corrupt israeli actors. Also the former stazi connected Martin schlaff and British gas had their eyes on the gas fields near the shores of gaza.

Biden/Ukraine Connection:

Those who wanted to cash in on the turkey pipeline, had to take netanyahu, papaD and co, out of the way. These people are connected to burisma, the anti netanyahu deep state in israel, some oligarchs, and many corrupt dems and other actors. Romania, whole thread on it from endchan (reset atm)

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