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Full Borat-Giuliani sequence: It's Fake!

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Full Borat-Giuliani sequence

The Borat-Giuliani fake scandal is SUCH BULLSHIT!!

Here is the sequence I found somewhere. It is split in small parts to fit under the 15MB per post limit, and the parts without Giuliani are cut out. This is only about exposing the Giuliani smear.

Paste all the files together, or add them in a playlist, and you have the full sequence, with the irrelevant parts edited out.


At times, you see the lips of Giuliani moving, but no sound coming out. At some other times, you can see footage is missing, or that it is out of order. Sometimes you hear the lady saying something it seems impossible she could have said without Giuliani reacting, when she says "shall we have a drink in the bedroom", but conveniently, her face is fully covered by her hair, so we have no evidence she was actually speaking.

And regarding the scene where he tucks his shirt in his pants:

- they had clearly ended the interview, and went to the other room to remove the mikes

- you can clearly see Giuliani was pissed off by Borat-as-a-sound-guy's intervention and was smelling a rat

- she is clearly only helping him remove his mike

- he is not even looking at her when he's tucking his shirt

- then Borat arrives, and all of a sudden, Giuliani is leaving the room fully dressed, with a book in his hand…

-> they clearly removed footage in between.

And that's just a summary of all the editing that can be seen in the sequence. I'm sure they even swapped audio portions in and out. I'm thinking of the part where you hear him say "you can give me your phone number and address". You don't see Giuliani's face at that time. It could have been lifted of from an earlier moment.

And to top everything out, at the end, you see them running while laughing their asses off.

This was one of the most disgusting fake rumors to spread, of course timed for maximum damage against Giuliani's case around Hunter Biden.

Well, now, we know for sure. It was bullshit.



>The reproduction of these short video excerpts is believed to be done under the Fair Use legal doctrine as specified in the Section 107 of the Copyright Act, for nonprofit educational purposes, made in the interest of the general public, to dispel a slanderous rumor that has been purported against a public political figure Rudolph William Louis Giuliani, in a manner that lead many commentators to believe it was made in retaliation for his involvement in exposing a massive corruption scandal involving other prominent political figures, including potentially a former vice president of the United States of America. Furthermore, only the short portions related to the matter at hand are being reproduced.

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Full Borat-Giuliani sequence: