Is China Now In Control of Our Flow of Information?

China's desire for global dominance is no secret. Since its entrance into the World Trade Organization in 1991 at the urging of Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, Americans have been aware of China's economic and military rise to power. The election of President Trump and his Make America Great Again campaign slowed the inroads they were making and highlighted our Congress' inability or unwillingness to protect American interests for the last few decades.

The Chinese Wuhan virus unleashed upon us at the beginning of this year focused a spotlight upon our vulnerability to protect ourselves as American industries (pharmaceutical, steel, and mineral mining) were no longer operating on our shores, but instead were now Chinese assets. The focus on China as a formidable enemy was quickly squashed by many American institutions from academia, sports, Hollywood, press, and the mainstream media. The attention upon China was quickly replaced with the onus on our president with unfounded accusations for the spread of the virus and for not doing enough to stem it. Regardless of President Trump's effort to halt the spread of the virus as early as Jan. 31, by instituting a travel ban on China, ordering production of ventilators, and using of our military's floating hospitals, the media perpetuated the lie that President Trump was guilty of mishandling the virus.

Prior to the outbreak of the virus, those few sport figures, who stood up for the thousands of Hong Kong demonstrators marching in the street begging to be free, were quickly admonished and told to stand down by team owners who sought to appease their Chinese overlords. LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick proudly took a knee and denounced our flag and their teammates in unison followed suit. The organized riots by Antifa and Black Lives Matter that followed George Floyd's death brought to light the role the Chinese Communist Party played in supporting their proxies that were now controlling our American streets. BLM organizer, Patrisse Cullors, has stated on camera that she and her other founders are "trained Marxists". Their goal is a Communist revolution here at home and to that end, they have been supported by American corporations who have donated a billion dollars to BLM. The money is being funneled to the Democrat Party and it is being used to invoke cultural Marxism through television ads, magazines, and educational institutions from kindergarten through universities.