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Why does Trump talk about military and vaccines?

Here is some interesting information to know while thinking about that question.

“Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918” and the Rockefeller Institute’s Crude Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Experiment on US Troops

“During the war years 1918-19, the US Army ballooned to 6,000,000 men, with 2,000,000 men being sent overseas. The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research took advantage of this new pool of human guinea pigs to conduct vaccine experiments”


The relationship between vaccines and neuroinflammation have consistent molecular biology bases.


Brain Inflammation Linked to Suicidal Thinking in Depression




The Department of Veterans Affairs released an alarming report Friday showing that at least 60,000 veterans died by suicide between 2008 and 2017, with little sign that the crisis is abating despite suicide prevention being the VA's top priority.

“But the typical profile of the suicide-soldier is white, enlisted, male and under 30.”


Which Vaccines Do You Get When You Join the Military?

But don’t folks get a lot of vaccines when they join the military?


Vaccines are causing the high suicide rates in troops. This explains why the rates are high even in soldiers who haven’t experienced combat. It’s been an unchallenged Rockefeller Genocide. Let’s change that…