I have a little familiarity with a hispanic immigrant community and I think Trump was 100% correct. Parents sometimes come to the US to earn money and then SEND FOR their children once they have earned enough to afford to bring them here. If the parents are illegal immigrants they use coyotes (why is no one apparently familiar with this term?-seems MSM is both biased and ignorant) to transport their children. Why anyone believes someone who says "this is my child" at the border is a good question. Given previous Q drops and research on this board regarding apparent child trafficking we might want to remember that the deep state probably makes a lot of money from this activity. Btw, sometimes parents will pay the coyotes thousands of dollars and STILL not get their children.

The screen cap and article link are somewhat related. I think anyone advocating an "open border" should be considered a potential human trafficker. I think Joe Biden fits the bill. He would love to encourage illegal immigration with promises of "a path to citizenship" blah, blah, blah, because the deep state needs a continual supply of new victims. The "child welfare system" confiscates children from homes and is, I think, the major "legal" pipeline for child trafficking.