The logic of this post is exactly why I think 'wray is a sleeper' marker was disinformation.

Think about it psychologically. Post false info to the Dems that Wray is possibly on their side and Trump knows it, but can't do anything about it for whatever unknown reason.

Notice how Dems are now flocking to the fact that the FBI and Wray haven't verified Biden family crimes and the laptop?

They claim Trump is pushing lies and a smear campaign because the FBI hasn't verified these allegations.

Thus, they are placing trust in the institution of the FBI/DOJ [at the moment because it suits them].

Now, when Wray and the FBI do verify the information, they are backed into a corner because they've pushed the 'your own FBI doesn't believe it' narrative.

Once the FBI does verify, they are forced to blatantly censor and lie to their viewers, or start to accept defeat.

It won't be pretty but we knew that going in.