Last 5 minutes of Trump's 60 minutes interview

Trump released the audio of the 60 minutes interview, and IT IS BAD.

He upstaged them bigly by doing this. My only point of concern is that Trump actually believes the polls which show a 50/50 split for Trump/Biden, which means all of his advisors are lying to him and he can't figure it out. That will be crucial when the election is stolen. The actual numbers are: Biden 5.3 percent, Trump 87.5 percent and the rest undecided or going to third party. I have this ready to go in it's entireity in case Faceplant vanishes it, as I expect them to. For now, it is here.

UPDATE: THE MOST IMPORTANT LAST FIVE MINUTES OF THE INTERVIEW MALFUNCTION REPEATEDLY OVER FACEBOOK SO BADLY IT IS UNWATCHABLE (obviously on purpose) so I have the last five minutes posted at the link below. Also, people are getting so mad at this that they are missing the most important biased part, which is right at the end, (they are shutting it off because they can't handle hearing this level of bias) and are therefore missing the end.

Here are the last five minutes (audio only) for those effectively blocked by Facebook from viewing (due to excessive glitching), and I recommend (because of the rage going on over this, which is causing people to turn it off) - I recommend people listen to the last five minutes of this, (most people make it to at least five minutes in, so they might as well be the most important five)

Now, right at the beginning there is a CLASSIC example of just how bad this is, Trump says "they should open up carefully) and immediately the interviewer says "Now, when you say open up, you don't say carefully". Ha, it is like she has a zombie script to follow that does not even hear what is said five seconds before. PERFECT. That's why Trump walked out.