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Dynadot is owned by China

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>>11232399 (PB)

Dynadot is owned by China.

Donor information is public by law and can be used for research. But it CANNOT be scraped and compiled.

With that information I wonder what else they could do.

You realize that only certain states have been targeted. What did you notice about the CA and NY dots?

OH–wait. Voter fraud is easily done in

WA, CA, OR, NY, BROWARD CO. NO one will be suspicious if those states come in blue. What does that map tell you about the TRUTH of that "blueness"? NOW, activate the wee almonds and think to yourself–"self? was I stupid enough to search for my name in the database?" stupid fuck move #1

But you do you. hell why worry about anyone else. You're a Trump Supporter and he wont let anything bad happen to you.

Go ask Polly how that's working out for her, and SGT, and anyone else that's been wiped off..pastor Mark Taylor….thousands of people and you're like–meh not me so.

Fuck you people. I have zero desire to be "united" with you. (or most of you)

(JAYSUS please get my unbanned from 4chan because they're assholes but they're my assholes and you fucking know I didn't post KP–that old trope.)

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MOAR on my common sense digs on VIRGINIA–who went to (drum roll) the FBI with all her sauce? Which FBI? The same FBI that covered up Vegas? the same FBI that covered up Parkland? The same FBI that fucked Trump over? There is something fucking reeking about Virgina.

re her NOTHING burger paper release:

Ghiz went to school with Andrew. Wasn't stupid enough to lie and say she never flew with Clinton (pics) and basically all round proved 100% what I posted yesterday about Virginia/Jeff conspiring to hang it all on her–is true. She didn't move a muscle here. I'd tell you not to waste your time but you'll do it anyway hoping somehow you'll find a smoking gun


yes or no

Does it seem logical, in a group that's committed horrific crimes, that Epstein would take a call from Virginia

VA: Hey Jeff, met a guy, I want out

JEFF: sure girl, have a great life

And he just let her go. Just like that?

THEN instead of being Clintoncided she goes after Gizzy who sends a desperate sounding email to Jeff asking for helpp-what to do? He basically answered 'meh hang in there"

Remember we recently discovered that Lewinski may have been in it with Bill to create a scandal to divert away from the real shit?

I posted my theory on Virginia yesterday. Not an hour later Q rushes in to bless her soul, and assure you of booms today. Did someone fart and I missed it?

Gizzy does her in and out message to the CIA..supposedly "hid out" from them so well they had no idea she was married and living in her husband's house? Despite a twatter techfag posting that they knew right where she was and were pinging her phone all along and they posted a map. But 17 intelligence agencies can't find her?

Hearing Whitney (((WEB)))s video is what alerted me. THEY always try to slide that Trump is a Zionist shit out for those suspicious. Maria Farmer claimed Les Wexner raped her…that she was taken to OH specifically so Les could rape her.

They're lying but what's the game?

Virginia's photo with Andrew was a "fan girl set up". She is seen later that evening in the same damn clothes she had on in that photo with Gizzy, and Naomi Campbell and NOT AndrewShe was taken to that party FOR someone.

AAAND is Epstein's degrading commissioned photo of Bill in a BLUE DRESS Epstein's way of reminding Bill—-he knows?

Can't find the other pic of Virginia that shows her pants. Fuck my filing.

>>11231824 (PB stupid shit)

LOL what is the source of these documents? Yet another twisting of the dial? You can't "register" people as citizens of a fucking charity.

^^^fake shit meant to muddy the waters.

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definately a liar

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Not sure about other anon's post but the "citizen of TerraMar" stuff is very unfake

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