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We out here Planefaggin' JUSTICE 17 is a P-3 Orion, subhunter

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JUSTICE17 over Washington, after helis did a sweep

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Oh shit, that's Whidbey Island Anon.

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Made a proof graphic for you plane fag. o7.

Great catch.

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takeoffs in Bahrain after p3 sweep

esper had a relevant meeting today

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Awwh hell you guys already caught this. P3 ASW bird. You guys are quick.

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Tennessee RICH to DC

DISCO Surveillance in Nevada

Omaha BRASS have a look at Lake Utah

Georgia FOCUS heading west

P3 heading to Oregon

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2 dukes out of wiesbaden

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changed up their search pattern

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surveillance planes are scissoring over utah, voyeur tankers are watching

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JUSTICE17 is a P-3 Orion, sub hunter. Just saying.