Biden claims he met Jill in 1975 on a blind date. According to her ex-husband, Bill Stevenson, Jill met Joe when she was a campaign worker for him during the New Castle Councilman's first Senatorial campaign in early 1972 and had an extra-marital affair with her. In her book Where the Light Enters: Building a Family, Discovering Myself Jill recalls that she attended Joe's 1972 victory party. Evidence suggests they immediately began having an affair. Dr. Jill Biden tweeted "during our first telephone conversation in 1975 Joe said: "Watch me speak at the Democratic Convention tomorrow!" The Democratic Convention was in 1976. She is lying about when they first hooked up. According to Jill's ex-husband she first met Joe in 1972, which makes more sense since there was a Democratic Convention in Miami in July of 1972 where Biden, the youngest Senator ever elected, spoke. Joe was married to Neilia Hunter Biden at this time. Neilia realized Joe was cheating on her and drowned her sorrow in alcohol. Jill Biden, real name Jill Giacoppa, is an adulteress who contibuted to the death of Neilia and her one-year-old daughter in a fatal DWI auto accident. Joe broke up Bill and Jill's marriage in 1974 after Bill became certain Jill was cheating on him, thanks to one of Jill's close friends and a fender bender with Biden written all over it. Bill Stevenson kicked Jill's ass out of their home. Jill & Joe were married in June 1977. Jill Biden’s grandparents were illegals

Biden had a perpetual erection. He once paid a covert visit to a romantic interest and left a friend, his lookout, to take the fall with the campus police, according to a transcript of Mr. Biden’s eulogy for the man in 2004. However, despite his track record for having affairs with his subordinates and volunteers including Jill Biden, Joe never fingered Tara Reade in the Senate Office Building basement- I passed through there many times when I worked for Senator Richard Schweiker (Republican, PA) and it always was heavily trafficked. He was smarter than to risk his career for fingering a woman. He did hit on her. Tara filed a complaint - she was a chronic complainer. Biden's staffers destroyed sexual harassment complaints from his collected papers at the University of Delaware and Biden refused to allow a search of these files in case his operatives missed the Reade complaint or similar ones. Biden built a career on destroying documents.