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Clinton foundation charged with evading up to $2.5 billion in taxes

A U.S. federal judge ruled that a tax evasion complaint against the Clinton Foundation should go forward. Bill and Hillary Clinton’s organization is accused of evading up to $2.5 billion in taxes, according to a report by Just The News.

U.S. Tax Court Judge David Gustafson denied the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) dismissal on Oct. 8, after two tax experts filed a complaint against the Clinton family charity for tax exemption violations.

The judge ruled that the whistleblowers, John Moynihan, a former Drug Enforcement Administration official, and Larry Doyle, a corporate tax compliance expert, “provided ‘specific credible documentation’ supporting their allegations.”

For the judge, the IRS “abused its discretion” in trying to dismiss the allegations against the Clinton Foundation.

Gustafson said the IRS Complaints Bureau (WB) mistakenly denied Moynihan and Doyle’s allegations simply because the IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) office sent an email saying that the issues in the complaint were closed.

The record “fails to support the WBO’s conclusion that CI hadn’t proceeded with any action based on petitioners’ information. Accordingly, we deny the motion on the grounds that the WBO abused its discretion in reaching its conclusion, because not all of its factual determinations underlying that conclusion are supported by that record,” Gustafson wrote.