Human Smugglers Dump Small Children on Border Riverbank in Texas

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents rescued four shivering children left alone on the north bank of the river separating Texas and Mexico. Agents located the children walking on the riverbank after being picked up on video surveillance equipment.

Brownsville Station Border Patrol agents received information about four small children walking alone on the Texas side of the Rio Grande. An agent operating electronic surveillance equipment first noticed the children and passed the info along to agents patrolling the border river, according to information obtained from Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol officials. Shortly after observing the children, the Remote Video Surveillance System operator witnessed a raft moving across the river to Mexico.

Agents arrived on the scene and found the four young children walking along the levee. Agents said the children were wet and shivering.

The agents quickly placed the four children in a vehicle and turned up the heater. They then transported the abandoned children to the station for processing and medical screening.

Agents report the children were two sets of siblings. They identified the children as Honduran and Salvadoran nationals — ages seven, six, four, and four, officials reported.

Officials said the four children had names and U.S. phone numbers written on their clothing. Agents put the children in dry, warm clothes and turned them over to medical staff for evaluation.