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Hey Q!!

Fairly sure Ive locked onto a piece of the puzzle re: who is behind those [injected] false "anons" you mention.

Read this article from many months ago…


From the article…

"Over the past two weeks or so, some disturbing trends on twitter have come to the attention of one of our very observant viewers:

'🚨🛑 WARNING ❌🚨

For the past few hrs I have been Chasing down these Bots/People.

This what I Have found so far.. they need to be blocked immediately!!

Someting is not right! 6 were following me and they had to do with explosives..

Please check your followers for past week.'

— Steven Lundgren (@love4thegameAK) September 16, 2019

(Okay back to me again)

Most of these accounts are new, without even an icon graphic, and they have started following well known accounts of patriots and some even less well known. They all post similarly worded tweets, some even exact word-for-word duplicates. They all mention either something to do with ‘militias,’ ‘explosives,’ ‘knives,’ ‘terrorism’ or pressure cookers."


There is too much to cram into this short post, but ..I am fairly sure these accounts were a test run for a tech that has just really been coming to fruition, specifically run by a company called "Lumina Analytics". (LUMINA…"Illuminated"/Illuminati false light etc):


See attached images for a description of their so-called "Radiance" platform…


"RADIANCE is an enterprise search tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess and prioritize risk across the open-source web. Names entered into Radiance are correlated with content related to 25 different risk factors, known as Behavioral Affinity Models (BAMs). Searches provide near-instant results, delivering meaningful, actionable intelligence to identify and prevent risk."

Also see attached images for some interesting members of their board…Jeb Bush and fricking MICHAEL CHERTOFF.

They are also connected to an Israeli firm tied up in medical/emergency services artificial intelligence and tracking etc., "Carbyne 911"


Guess who is on THEIR board??

The one and only NICOLE JUNKERMANN.

Like I said, too much to cram into quick post from my phone. there is a LOT here.

Please draw attention so anons will laser focus on this and dig…