Looks like there's a main stream australian media fag employee by the name of Dilip Jadeja who works for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Would be quite a coincidence if Jitarth's father or relative worked for the Fake News ABC


>>11116836 fake news CNN hit piece

>>11116759 fat pig

>>11117090 story is f & g. Actors. Possible loc of Jitarth house

>>11117141 Jitarth linkedin. "founder of" a fake company.

>>11117187 forgot to update placeholders because hes a fag

>>11117708 Same JItarth Jadeja at St Johns on exchange?

>>11117755 Cultist don't just watch a video, have a smoke and then say I'm done

>>11117885 2 year old fake company website "under construction" still. Stock video. Jirtarths Spotify premium account creds?


>>11118440 Dilipsinhji Jadeja also lives at Cherrybrook address. Wife (prob) named Anita. Cache of a what looks like legalfag shit sent to some governement entity

>>11118509 Jadejas have some patents. >>11118713 One for a demographics website. One to "conceal Information"