Corey Lewandowski: Sean, our polls today internally and even in Real Clear Politics are better today than they were four years ago… And you know Sean when we looked at the battleground states, when we looked at Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, we look where those numbers were. And four years ago Donald Trump was down by a larger margin to Hillary Clinton than he is today to Joe Biden. And today the Trafalgar Poll in Michigan showed Donald Trump with a lead. It is the first time in five years that he’s been a candidate that he’s had a lead in Michigan. He won that state four years ago by 10,704 votes. He’s going to win it by a bigger margin this time.

Corey Lewandowski: Sean, we’ve got four or five different opportunities in front of us. And it’s an opportunity, a much broader field than we had four years ago. Look, we’re going to win in Arizona. As Republicans we have a voter registration advantage component in this. The Democrats aren’t talking about Texas anymore. The state of Ohio, and I shouldn’t have to say this on live TV. It’s out of play for the Democrats because all of the work and the jobs and the manufacturing that has come back there because of this president’s policies. The great white whale for Republicans has always been the state of Pennsylvania. But that’s where we are. We are not only competing in Pennsylvania we’re competing in the state of Minnesota where no Republican has won since Richard Nixon’s reelection in 1972. Donald Trump lost that state by about 45,000 votes last cycle, about a point-and-a-half. That state is trending Republican. And because of the work that he is able to do up there those people ought to come home. And Donald Trump is going to be the first president in about 50 years to win Minnesota as a Republican.