Ghislaine Maxwell Was a Queen of Reddit, Moderator of Huge News Groups

The user profile of Ghislaine Maxwell has been uncovered on Reddit. Internet detectives had identified the account “Maxwellhill” and proven it to be that of Maxwell. The account was the first to reach 1 million “karma” on the website, which is a point rewarded to users for posts by other users who upvote.

During it’s rise, Reddit became a powerful online authority over the discussions that took place online. The site declared itself as the “Front page of the internet” and operated as an aggregator where users could share content from other sites. The discovery shows the powerful social influence that was peddled by this ring of fat cats.

Reddit basically had no content of it’s own. Instead it collected and organized content from other sites and broke users into tight-knit communities called subreddits. The staple subreddits such as r/news and r/worldnews were apparently tightly controlled by leadership at reddit.

The userbase of the site has staged numerous uprisings and each has caused an exodus from the site. It’s much smaller than it’s prime but the site still draws incredible traffic and serves as tool for it’s owners. Twitch and Reddit have both made large suspensions. Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, was suspended from Twitter. India also banned 59 different apps nationwide.

The site’s declared founder Steven Huffman has his own sordid past. Before selling to Conde Naste. Huffman was ironically exposed and humiliated by his own website. Users researching him found posts that indicate he’s a cannibal. Having gone to special restaurants with barbecue style preparation of human flesh. Shortly after the exposure Huffman left the role as CEO and Ellen Pao was brought in.

The company is majority owned by the Newhouse family, a powerful media dynasty. The Newhouse media complex is enormous. Formally named Advance Publications, the company owns the Discovery Channel, Wired Magazine, Angelfire, Tripod, Lycod, Conde Nast, and holds a 31% stake in Charter Communications. Charter Communications has it’s own enormous empire that’s under heavy influence from the Newhouse dynasty.

Ellen Pao was a poorly received CEO of Reddit and during a wave of mass bans she was essentially forced out of her position by the community. Reddit was caught accepting $150 million from Chinese firm Tencent. Ellen Pao’s changes marked a turning point for the site. The organic and well adjusted community was now relegated to corners of the site. Pro-marxist subreddits like r/lagestagecapitalism took priority on the sites front page.

Reddit has publicly admitted to accepting the money. China has expressed intense censorship controls on various other social media platforms. This investment may represent a direct effort to gain influence over large US based social media companies.

After Pao’s disastrous exit, Huffman was hired to run the company again. He brought in tight content restrictions and began to ‘quarantine’ groups that were declared unfit. Eventually things escalated and now many complete schools of thought are banned from the site.

The nature of interaction on reddit is one of tribalism; groups are endlessly classified after disagreements and these small tribes often fight ferociously. The site’s community has morphed from a happy place that shared kitten photos into a boiled down culture of hate.