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Norm Eisen and his Soros connections - Diggz

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Norm Eisen is a Soros puppet; has been a long 'hatchet' man for the [DS]; largely not named and hidden

Behind many 'color revolutions around the world'; all while working for Obama under the American banner.

https://archive.is/SgeYv (Motivating pedophiles in gay parades to spark color revolutions)

>Proving its ahead-of-the-curve position, last year’s Prague Pride was already strongly laced with anti-Putin sentiment, at that time denouncing the imprisonment of the band Pussy Riot. This year’s edition was even louder of its condemnation of the anti-gay Russian president, including a lipsticked Putin-head mannequin (wearing a Russia jacket that’d been transformed to read “Pussia”) protruding from a car in the parade.

>Meanwhile, the Gloriette building at the U.S. Embassy in Prague was lit all week in rainbow colors, and the U.S Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Norman Eisen, marched in the Pride parade. Other participants included NoH8 campaigner Adam Bouska and Indian hijra activist Abhina Sharkar, who led the march.

Norm Eisen, point man for 'CREW'; Soros funded and aimed hit squad

>Op-Ed: Following Up On Soros, CREW, Palin, and Obama

>By Gary Jackson Jun 3, 2009 in Politics

>A follow up story in a continuing effort to expose those who are attempting to smear Governor Sarah Palin with multiple phony ethics complaints.

>After publishing the story on George Soros’ ties to CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, it came to my attention that there was more to this.

>One of the founders of CREW, Norm Eisen, is actually the ethics adviser to Barack Obama and his administration. As the Washington Post put it in a flowery article, Eisen is “the guardian of Obama’s integrity.”



https://www.politico.com/interactives/2017/politico50/norm-eisen/ (Hit piece trying to justify last minute rule change while accepting money was ok for Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton)

http://lobbyblog.com/tag/norm-eisen Lobbying blog following Eisen around during Obama-era

Click to try to play this video on Invidio.us, if it still exists on YouTube!

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Another HARVARD clown

>Before government service, Eisen was a partner in the D.C. law firm Zuckerman Spaeder LLP, where he specialized in litigation and investigations. His cases included Enron, the ADM antitrust case, the subprime financial collapse, the Monica Lewinsky matter and the 2000 and 2004 presidential recounts. He was named one of DC’s top lawyers by Washingtonian.

>Eisen received his J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1991

>Eisen was

credited by director Wes Anderson as an inspiration for the character of the crusading lawyer Deputy Kovacs in the 2014 film “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

>Eisen served as the U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic from 2011 to 2014. He helped develop innovative anti-corruption and transparency strategies in cooperation with U.S. and Czech law enforcement and other stakeholders. Eisen also helped advance U.S.-Czech security and defense initiatives and deepened economic ties between the two nations.

"'anti-corruption'" appears to be HARVARD double speak for shake-down



>Her publications include essays on slander, women and slander; Jewish law and female subjectivity in early modern English culture; gender, race and religion in The Merchant of Venice

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>There were quite a few Jews at the reception, old friends of mine from the Prague Jewish community such as Leo Pavlat, the director of the Prague Jewish Museum, who delightedly told me how he and Eisen had seats next to each other in synagogue. I was there to make a formal presentation of a big website project I am coordinating on Jewish heritage in Europe.

>I couldn’t help but think back.

>The postwar communist regime had carried out a policy of persecution aimed at stifling Jewish life, and the state-appointed community leadership had followed the party line, routinely issuing statements critical of Israel. In May 1989, Pavlat had spearheaded a group of young Prague Jews who sharply criticized these regime-approved aparatchiks. He and his friends warned that Jewish life in Czechoslovakia was “in danger of extinction.”

>The Velvet Revolution, with Havel as its reluctant hero, changed everything.