Anarchy-99 Design

Anarchy 99 is the main antagonistic faction in the 2002 film xXx. It is a terrorist group founded and led by Yorgi Azar Zimin on his intent to bring anarchy to the entire world on its knees.

“Anarchy 99 is rumored to be in possession of a biochemical weapon called "Silent Night", the NSA tries to infiltrate them…

…Cage then soon discovers a secret laboratory in which the re-engineering of the gas "Silent Night" has just been finished and a waterborne drone called "Ahab" is revealed. To tie up loose ends and to demonstrate the power of the gas to a witnessing Yelena, Yorgi gasses all the scientists who helped him. It was then Yorgi announced of his true plot: he will launch Ahab into many cities around the world (starting with Prague) and utilize the "Silent Night" that will kill millions of people in bringing worldwide anarchy.