Digital Camoflauge for Digital Soldiers


Okay, so I wanted to post a bit of a timeline of events for "posterities" sake

09/07/20 (Mon) 23:08:59


>>10563224 Inception Post - Pedo Biden Meme Insta-Account-Lock (Twitter)

>>10563237 If you have more accounts, try testing the algorithm to see how they identify it.

>>10563278 Seconded -my account was suspended in SECONDS after posting the pic

>>10563395 Algo clearly identifies a creepy Pedo. -top keks

>>10563346 We need to remake the meme and try again. Skirt the algorithm.

>>10563379 Algos hit my account in like ~5 seconds after posting

>>10563372 meme edit idea

>>10563376 meme edit idea

>>10563404 meme edit idea

>>10563370 meme edit idea

09/10/20 (Thu) 18:21:55

Q Drops

>>10597304 (Q)

FB-TWIT using DARPA provided software to censor and restrict picture content using 'matching' [think reverse image] _upload one to find/locate all [cycling 5s].

>Meme combat approach

Adapt & overcome.


>>10597334 One black pixel usually fools software like this unless it's more advanced

>>10597394 (Q) More advanced. Consider 'black corner box 20%' insert top-bottom left/right. Sniffer cannot distinguish at this time.

>>10597460 1 or 2?

>>10597520 (Q) 1 is sufficient @ 20% of total.

>>10597547 Given this information, how much time we have before they adapt?

>>10597597 (Q) 2-4 days. They will deploy a 'centralized' picture frame approach next. Instructions to follow [mod].

09/10/20 (Thu) 20:17:21


>>10599099 Find it hard to belive that Q was not replying directly to this discussion from /NightShift few days ago

>>10599124 Agreed, I was baking that bread and this is the first thing that came to mind

>>10599208 What about this? -Loaded in Gimp -Pixelize 3x3 -Flip horizontal -Shear right -Shear up (confirmed -works)

>>10599223 meme edit idea

>>10599207 If 20% blackouts will work, what about 20% dickfishes? -all of the keks

>>10600489 anons apply the technique

>>10600705 anons apply the technique

>>10600715 anons apply the technique

>>10600718 anons apply the technique

>>10600721 anons apply the technique

>>10600722 anons apply the technique

>>10600565 This 20 percent thing (simple param imo) wont last long…got to look quickly for longer term solution

>>10600647 A lot of other ideas beyond the most basic lvl 1 black box technique

>>10600141 I'm sure if we keep at we'll get it artistic looking

09/15/20 (Tue) 02:20:25


>>10654512 So it has to be squares?

>>10654533 Theoretically, you just need to replace 20% of the total pixel area with something different

>>10654577 Overlay an opaque filter of a camo style pattern -3 star's (Flynn) banner might have been a hint to the pattern

>>10654603 Relative relationship between pixes

>>10654606 Flynn Banner -perhaps a gift in disguise

>>10654623 5-10 files of the same meme, slightly shift the camo in non specific directions, and thus it would require the alg to find every version, would cause it headaches.

>>10654618 A'ha -the marpat pattern on the lower bar -its worth a test

>>10654641 Bingo. -Surely there's a smart anon on here

>>10654650 I wonder if the 'effected' pixels have to be shifted to full black? time to expiriment

>>10654667 The image is the same, you can see it, but the enemy can't see which way its being presented.

>>10654887 holy shit this works CRYSTALIZED

>>10654892 Make a simple program that does this algorithmically, but generate the random pattern uniquely.

>>10654908 8kun ImageMangler 0.0.2 simple program made

>>10654978 Took anons 6 minutes to beat a program that took most likely months and numerous people to code. KEK!

>>10654896 Use Excel to randomize the squares

>>10655011 Excell Randomizer Formula

>>10655059 Excell Randomizer Formula Generated from Flyn Banner Pattern

>>10654902 Lets stay one step ahead -Nature is always organic

>>10654914 In case anyone is wondering: I generated that pattern by creating a 33 x 33 square grid (kek -Illuminati Confirmed)

>>10654906 Literally, digital camouflage

>>10654933 Should become a Global Notable.

>>10655006 Great project, anons! Leave messages in current baker seminar bread.


It has been an honor to share the hive with such talent

For God and Country