You've heard of the boat parades for Trump, right? Well, here's a way for landlubbers to show their support! Plenty of social distancing available!

Drag The Interstate 1776 is an organizing point for car/truck parades. They're organizing rolling rallies in all 50 states on October 3, 2020. Drive from your local town to the capital city in your state (or wherever you want), preferably with lots of signs and flags.

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October 3 - All 50 States!

​Howdy, Patriots! We would like to extend an open invitation to our family-friendly rolling rallies! We hope you will join us in celebrating our amazing country, its hard-won history, our Veterans, and those still fighting to defend our freedom today!

Our Mission

American patriots from all corners of the Country will gather together and organize into rolling flag parade caravans within their States. They will circle their highways and byways, ending in a glorious flurry of red, white, and blue–and a big ol’ heap of old-fashioned American patriotism.

In all states across the Country participants will begin in several major cities from areas around their state to form local caravans that will eventually combine into a single, large rolling parade that will route through their roadways and spread a message of hope, unity, and patriotism.


Who We Are

We are a grassroots assemblage of patriots from across the United States who are tired of seeing our Country attacked and slandered by violent and seditious radicals, and we are going to make our voices heard.

What We Believe

We are patriots. We honor God, Country, Family, and the Flag. We stand ready to defend all lives and uphold the relentless pursuit of Liberty and Freedom. We are The People. We will not be silent any longer.

What We Do

We decorate our cars with signage and flags and organize into peaceful and spirited rolling rallies that blanket the country with hope, a spirit of patriotism, and a reminder that we are more united than divided.

Our Values

Our rolling rallies are a fun and positive reminder than traditional American values matter. Silence is out. It's time to stand up and take our Country back!

*We do not support violence, racism, or bigotry, of any kind, from any side of the aisle.