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Everyone needs to know the truth

Dr. Li-Meng Yan on Tucker Carlson Tonight:

this paper was posted yesterday on here. Her breakdown on Corona creation. Highlights from her interview:

she works in WHO top virus lab in the world in Hong Kong

was released intentionally

She explains "basically a Virus Genome is like a fingerprint. So you can their very unusual characters in their Genome. Which clearly, based on the other evidence they left during the modification. We can say finally this is a direct one come from their own special bat corona virus and then it then targeted humans."

Tucker ask's her if this genome is in possession of many in the medical world why no one has asked about this if it is true?

"the big supression comes from the CCP gov't and their also friends in the scientific community. It is very clearly that this virus is like Frankenstein, he created those things like basically a cow, has deer's head, has rabbit's ears and also have monkeys hands. SO THEY CAN NEVER GET THIS FROM THE NATURE!!! and there was evidence left in the Genome, but the scientific world also keeps silence, work together with CCP they don't want people to know these truths. also why I get suspended, i get supression, I am the target the CCP want disapeared."

Last bread video links to Dr. Li-Meng Yan:

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