Oregon man fights fires and misinformation

198 views•Sep 15, 2020•KGW News

"Antifa's not running through the woods, those guys

don't even want to leave their skateboards…"


David U.

11 minutes ago (edited)

The arsonists that have been arrested were on the sides of highways,

at camp grounds in the middle of the forests, and rest stops. One lady

was driving up 101 in Ca setting multiple fires. She was arrested.

There are always natural fires but their are arsonists starting fires as well.

Both things can be true at the same time

face palm

11 minutes ago

An arsonist can be a firefighter. They're the most educated ones.

Eff Three

11 minutes ago (edited)

cognitive dissonance. first there was no arsonist. now oh ok yea there are.

leftist radicalism and a coordinated effort are indicated in this event. kgw is

fake news and the enemy of the people

ARCK 777

6 minutes ago

Nobody wants to believe conspiracy. And yet…we've never seen anything

like this in Oregon. Camp grounds had barely reopened. Most people that

camp up there are responsible. 2020–the year of unprecedented times.

Mike Mc

12 minutes ago

I wish I could turn off comments for youtube. So my curiosity doesn't cause me to read toxic crap.