this PB post is really underrated and should be spread especially if you have or had a family member in a nursing home

should check the county recorders office re: votes by dead relatives

spread this everywhere and each state get digging for the mail in vote fuckery and post it






So I got this bullshit in the mail today

and I'm pretty sure I figured out what the scam is with the mail in voting

and sending covid patients to the nursing homes

to kill the elderly in certain states.

Allow me to direct your attention to box three, indefinite confined voters: AUtomatically always get absentee ballots until you stop voting.

Now what happens when you get a bunch of dead people at nursing homes

and the only thing required

is a signature on a line to get the ballot?

Here's your door to election fraud,

at least in wisconsin.

All you need is one minimum wage plant

at the nursing home mail sorting room

and the ball is rolling.