ShadowGate This is only a small amount of what it contains…

For any anons who haven’t already watched it this is a must see video IMHO. Lots of attacks on Milli & Tore (as would be expected) and will get back to that later, but in the mean time thought a few points might be helpful.

- The first 2 minutes gives you a good overview of the information provided in the full video and names the ppl and organizations discussed and their role in the anti-Trump coup.

- The two whitleblowers are Bergy, an IT expert who helped created the software for General Jones and Tore who was hired by John Brennan to provide concepts for “localization” - theories for definitions and selection of the potential target (individuals, groups, countries) and what key information would be needed to “get inside their head” and work with algorithms to develop the software and control these individuals.

- What is called “ShadownNet” is/was a commercialized software from a tax-payer-funded military psywar project using Interactive Internet Activities (IIA). The goal is the collection of detailed personal data about everyone; including weak points, triggers and fears that will allow “war fighters” to manipulate any targeted individual/groups using this information. (@ 6min ~47sec)

- Fake news, dossier etc all attributes of IIA. (@5min 34sec)

General James Jones (company Dynology) was in charge of the project and once it was working, arranged to maintain the rights to market it as ShadowNet.

- This development of “behavioral profiles” was used to manipulate the voters in the election in Afghanistan for example.

- The massive collection of US personal data by NSA was arranged by the then Director Gen Michael Hayden (has been reported by Bill Binney and colleagues = Global surveillance whistleblowers).

- Brennan authorized Snowden to create a “bridge” between the NASA’s internet data flow and send to private servers that belonged to his company, so every piece of information collected by NASA was also sent to Brennan & Jones for Shadownet & associated companies.

- John Brennan and his network of companies helped Obama get elected using this “Internet Influence Operations”strategy. The video contains good info on the different companies involved.

Ppl named include General Jones and his son, Jim Jones, Gen Hayden, Gen McChrystal, John Brennan & “redacted” who may or may not be Admiral McRaven.

- Discusses changes to the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act 2012 that had previously banned Govt propaganda in the US (allowed other countries) now allowed social media influence – IIA. (@32min)

- The most recent version is Clearforce and individuals and groups “monitored” include Journalists, entire news organizations, Senators, congressmen & probably everyone else…

- discuss role of cell phones & use of IIA in riots – Bergy talks about IIA source traced to Ukraine in BLM/Michael Brown riots.

- “kei stone” discussed. According to Tore Brennan’s SOP is claim a hack but have a contractor download the data he wants removed so it can be replaced with new or modified files later.

Is the Kei stone is the original data?

So, lots of interesting information here. As experts in IIA I expect we’ll see major IIA efforts to discredit this video. Will be interesting.

A couple of links:

1: “A Democrat-aligned political action committee is planning to deploy technology initially developed to counter terrorist propaganda to combat President Trump’s campaign messages about the coronavirus…” (McChrystal)

2:An earlier article by MillenialMillie with a ~ 30 min video talking about corrupt Inspector Generals (more detail here)