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US Senator Kamala Harris’ Uncle Still Advising India Ministry of Defence Think Tank

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US Senator Kamala Harris’ Uncle Still Advising India Ministry of Defence Think Tank – Now Unofficially – While She Still Sits on Homeland Security-Intel Committees


There doesn’t seem anything secretive about the article, but it means he is still in the loop and communicating with people affiliated with the IDSA. These are his friends and his country, but India isn’t the United States and his niece, whose inauguration he attended, and where she lied to Biden about his career, at least by omission, shouldn’t be on such sensitive committees. She certainly shouldn’t be VP pick. Chances are Gopalan Balachandran knows what is blotted out of sensitive materials, whereas Americans do not.

We are not criticizing him, nor the IDSA, but rather Kamala Harris and the apparent failure to vet her by media, the US government, and Biden campaign. Where are all of our spies and FBI? This family relationship remains a security threat. The US and India should both take a look. He could be a spy for the US or she/he for India or double agents. See extensive proof and details here: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/06/28/why-did-kamala-harris-lie-and-tell-biden-that-her-uncle-was-a-journalist-mathematics-when-he-advises-the-government-of-india-on-defense-especially-nuclear-matters/

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P.V. Gopalan


Personal details

Born 1911

Died 1998 (aged 86–87)

Nationality Indian

P.V. Gopalan (1911–February 1998)[1] was an Indian freedom fighter[2][3] and a career civil servant who served as Director of Relief Measures and Refugees in the federal Government of Zambia. He later became adviser to Government of Zambia.[4][5]

He is the grandfather of Kamala Harris who serves as United States Senator from California.

He served as Joint Secretary to Government of India in 1960s. He was a member of Imperial Secretariat Service and later Central Secretariat Service officer.[6]

Gopalan was born in born in 1911 in Painganadu[7], a village about 180 miles (290 km) south of Madras, Madras Presidency, in British India.[7] He joined the Imperial Secretariat Service during British rule in India and later merged into Central Secretariat Service.[6] He served as Under Secretary to Government of India in the Ministry of Transport (Roads Wing).[6]

In 1950s, he was posted as a senior commercial officer in Bombay.[7]

He later rose through ranks and was later empanelled as Joint Secretary to Government of India in the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Rehabilitation.[8] He was later deputed to federal Government of Zambia as Director of Relief Measures and Refugees,[8] to help Zambia manage an influx of refugees from Rhodesia.

Personal life

PV Gopalan was married to Rajam Gopalan (d. 2009). They had four children - one son Balachandran who earned PhD in economics and computer science from University of Wisconsin,[7] and three daughters Sarala and Chinni and Shyamala Gopalan who earned PhD in nutrition and endocrinology from University of California, Berkeley and is the mother of Maya Harris and Kamala Harris, the running mate of Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 elections.