Nitropril is a form of 99% ammonium nitrate. A prill is a solid sphere that is the product of spray drying ammonium nitrate solution. Nitropril is a Trademark name for a form of ammonium nitrate prills that are used specifically as an oxidizing agent for blasting uses


Nitropril™ is a low density porous prilled grade of ammonium nitrate specifically formulated for use as an oxidiser in blasting agents.

Key Benefits

• Nitropril™ is a physically robust porous prill with a built in resistance to breakdown due to temperature cycling and abrasion.

• Its consistent bulk density and free flowing, low dust characteristics ensure reproducible collar heights and accurate operation of explosives mixing equipment.

• Developed and manufactured by Orica specifically for Australian conditions Nitropril™ has superior storage and handling characteristics when compared to other prilled forms of ammonium nitrate available internationally.