Horowitz: From Fort Benning to Japan and Hawaii, face masks are not working

Even following protocols in the military didn't stop the coronavirus from spreading

One will not find a greater degree of compliance to a mask mandate than with one placed on military trainees by drill sergeants. That's why, if masks are really the viral placebo their devoted cult worshipers make them out to be, one would expect mask mandates to work wonders in these environments. Except, they didn't work – just like they didn't work in Japan, Hawaii, Israel, California, Miami, or any other place where they've shown near universal compliance for months, yet the virus spread rapidly.

In the military, they don't just virtue signal and wear masks as a symbol. If they are led to believe mask-wearing will work to stop the spread, they will wear them seriously with the boot of the drill sergeant behind them. Yet, despite universal mask wearing, the super social distance rituals, and all precautions imaginable, it failed to stop an outbreak at Fort Benning in Georgia in May.

Here's how the outbreak unfolded, according to Elizabeth Howe of Connecting Vets. About 640 recruits from the 30th AG Battalion and 2nd Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment arrived at Fort Benning in May for training and were immediately tested for COVID-19. Four recruits tested positive and were removed from the group while the remaining soldiers were placed in isolation for 14 days without any training exercises. After the 14-day quarantine, they were all retested and every single one was negative.

Only then did the training commence – with the full panoply of obsessive social distancing measures, including mask wearing. You can imagine that there will never be greater compliance to these rules than during military training. Yet, just eight days later, after one recruit exhibited symptoms, 142 of the trainees tested positive. That is 22% of the entire group isolated and quarantined together. As they were young, none of them were hospitalized and most were asymptomatic.

The case of Fort Benning should have served as a harbinger of what was to come in June with the surge of cases throughout the country, and now, the entire world. You cannot run or hide from God's respiratory viruses that spread as ubiquitously as the flu. However, at the same time, we see God's mercy – that the majority of cases are asymptomatic and there are very few serious cases outside of those who are immunocompromised.