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Digs & more on the Gary Knopp plane crash

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Alaska state Rep. Gary Knopp was killed in a mid-air collision of two planes near Soldotna on Friday, the Alaska House Majority said in a statement.





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Some more Knopp diggz.

Shows legislation that he was involved in.

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That's the second fatal mid-air collision between a De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver and another aircraft this month.


Anon believes there are serious deficiencies with visibility from the cockpit in these aircraft and that is likely the cause. The Beaver pilots did not see the other plane.

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He was a very experienced pilot. Civil Air Patrol and Flight Instructor.

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Something is wrong with this picture. Where is the fire damage?

Rita Geller, who works at a golf course near the airport, said she started running when she heard the planes hit, and watched one fall to the ground,

I ran to more of a clearing and basically saw it explode,

she told the Anchorage Daily News. “The engine, things were flying off of it. I didn’t see the second plane, but I saw a lot of debris flying around. It was horrific. It was just like 9/11.”


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Here's what Q says.