Dersh totally fleeced Tucker. Or Tucker didnt press when Dersh said:


"why did the feds go along with this, it doesnt make sense…"


"ask the Feds, I could tell you why they wouldn't go along with it. We had a very very strong Federal Defense, it didnt matter how many young women he didn't have sex with in palm beach, The government had to prove that he transported them in interstate commerce and they couldn't do that. They had a very weak federal case and a very strong state case. So the deal we arrived at , is he would plead to a state charge, serve 18 months, and not plead to the Federal charge. and that is very common. The job of the criminal defense attny is to get the best possible deal for his client. the job of the prosecutor is to do justice, the job of the judge is to make sure justice is done.

the reason he only got 18 months from the state is THE FUCKING FEDS got involved.

this bullshit is from 2005 and I know I read multiple times if the state kept the case and chaged him with the 40+ girls they interviewed Epsteen was looking at minimum 60 years.

we were not aware of all the other girls he assaulted. at the time of the settlement we only knew of two girls….