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Massive info on Roy Den Hollander aka the Fedex guy

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Massive info on Roy Den Hollander aka the fedex guy

Worked for Kroll associates in Moscow in 1999. Kroll is a private intelligence agency used by many powerful people and govt agencies.

His wife at the time worked as part of a Russian prostitution ring designed to entrap wealthy people. Oppie and Anthony interview. Gets good around 18:30. Archive this before it is gone.


Click to try to play this video on Invidio.us, if it still exists on YouTube!

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MOS and CIA link to fedex assassin of judge’s family

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wew, wonder if it's this same kroll inc

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This is huge. I posted more info in 3 posts above , but dude worked for Kroll (mos and cia linked) and lived in Moscow where his wife worked in a prostitution ring entrapping wealthy people…and she was the mistress of a Chechen warlord.

Gets good at 18 min. See above posts for more info.

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I think I called this the other day. Expect narrative change. BLM is out of gas. Feminism now, it seems…Then I would guess September will be about the horrible things that happen to kids because Orange Man bad. October will be kinetic; out of psyop ammo.