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WayFair Digs (we still not done)

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The anons digging and twits brought rapid attention to Amazon/Wayfair etc-light disinfects so now they gotta figure out another rat line. No rest for anon keyboard warriors.

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Let’s dig on Wayfair’s Platinum+ Team!

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Forgot this guy:

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Wayfair employees are walking out allegedly over the furnishing of contractors migrant camps-

Odd coincidence of migrant camps with Wayfair with the cabinets named after missing children. Could be their holding pens.

Link below is spun to fit propaganda narrative but the data smells like smoke.


Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner John Sanders has stepped down. Wayfair employees are planning a walk out to protest the company’s alleged business with contractors furnishing migrant camps. Instagram's CEO responds to questions about if the app listens to users conversations.