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Plane & Boatfagin'

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Planefags! Look at this! Have you ever seen this cluster of high altitude balloons? Any ideas what's up? (no pun intended)

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Up out of Paso Robles and hugging the coast just east of Point Mugu is tail number 17-20968. PF unsure if Coast Guard or Army. Altitude 550 feet. Call sign KNIFE20.

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>>9792504 (lb)

The two survey vessels, FUGRO SEARCHER and OCEAN EXPLORER are to the south. OCEAN EXPLORER is currently dead in the water. At eastern end of the island is a pleasure craft named WITCHCRAFT II.

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This could get interesting. Is he going to hug every nook and cranny of the Port of Los Angeles?

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Boatfag may have gotten lucky. Looks like UH-60M helo. Would Point Magu origination make it Navy? I could see a Coastie, they have the "M" model, yes?



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Anons remember this spot.