Andy Ngo EVISCERATES Nadler's Claim That Antifa's Role in Riots Is 'Imaginary'

On Monday, Andy Ngo, editor-at-large at The Post Millennial, testified before the House Oversight Committee, powerfully rebutting Rep. Jerry Nadler’s (D-N.Y.) insistence that when it comes to the protests and riots spreading across America after the horrific police killing of George Floyd, the presence of antifa instigators is “imaginary.” Ngo, who has suffered serious injury from antifa attacks, is a living rebuke to such claims.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) noted that Ngo’s name did not appear on the Democrats’ web page for the hearing. “Mr. Ngo, why do Democrats try to ignore you?” Jordan asked.

“I don’t know if it’s intentional,” Ngo responded. “I’ve written for very major publications about this very violent threat.” He noted that Portland has experienced “thirty-straight days of violent rioting downtown” following protests over the death of George Floyd.

Jordan asked Ngo to respond to the claim that antifa is “imaginary.”

“Yes, it’s real,” the journalist responded. “When I heard that, I was quite surprised.” He held up police affidavits in criminal cases against self-described members of antifa.

He first presented a record on Amelia Joan Shamrowicz, who allegedly committed arson, criminal mischief (destroying or damaging $1,000 or more in property), and rioting. When police interviewed Shamrowicz’s roommates, they “reported that SHAMROWICZ stated they started the fire using a Molotov cocktail, and she is part of Antifa. SHAMROWICZ was reported to be extremely excited about being labeled a terrorist and was very animated about her hopes that police officers would be killed and injured by the riots. She also stated that she would be going out on another mission and the goal would be to set another fire.”

He also held up another affidavit from Travis County, Texas, in which three known members of a communist/socialist antifa group were charged with looting, burglary, and property damage at a Target in Austin.

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Ngo condemned the “information warfare” on this issue, insisting that violence comes from extremists on both the left and the right.

“Ever since Donald Trump’s surprise election win in November 2016, there’s been consistent routine violent rioting in Portland,” the journalist testified, condemning both antifa and right-wing extremists.

Last June, a violent antifa assault landed Ngo in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage. He condemned police for failing to protect him from threats and violence.

On Monday, Jordan asked the journalist if Portland’s mayor had ordered police not to break up violent riots.

“I don’t have the evidence of that, but our mayor” has clearly expressed his “dislike of the police,” Ngo responded. He described “an environment were police are passive and they’re tolerating mob violence.”

“As police are retreating, I fear that America is experiencing what Portland has,” the journalist explained.

Jordan noted that members of Minneapolis’s City Council have voted to disband the police department, yet they receive $4,500 per day for private security.

“Elected officials need to be protected from terrorists and those who seek to harm them. And you know who else needs to be protected? Regular citizens,” Ngo quipped in response.

Andy Ngo also explained how antifa instigators operate, using peaceful protesters as human shields.