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Donald J. Trump Retweeted

Jim Banks


I just left the White House where I was briefed by CoS @MarkMeadows

and top intelligence officials. They discussed @nytimes

' hit piece falsely accusing @realDonaldTrump

of ignoring reports that Russia placed bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan.

2:26 PM · Jun 29, 2020·Twitter Web App

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Donald Trump tweets letter from Catholic archbishop calling the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests 'Masonic' and 'deep state' plots to hurt his re-election

President Trump tweeted a letter written to him from Carlo Maria Viganò, a Catholic archbishop

Viganò suggested the coronavirus pandemic and the George Floyd protests are part of a 'deep state' plot to hurt the president's re-election

He said he knew Trump was on right side because he participated in the anti-abortion 'March for Life'

Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19