Leading UK newspapers hold secretive “War Games” with “senior US political operatives, constitutional lawyers, and scholars” (aka deep state) over 2020 election

> https://www.ft.com/content/10c092b4-2689-487c-bd81-ad8c31d54fb8 (paywalled)

Foreign media colluding with deep state.

UK Financial Times article (pic related, original is paywalled) on media conducting secretive “war games-style” exercise with “senior US political operatives, constitutional lawyers, and scholars” over “the role of the media” in the event of Trump winning, or losing by a narrow margin. I’ll summarize:

1. Orange Man Bad. But America Bad too!

2. “A number of academics have been warning of the similarities between today and the eve of the American civil war.” (Omits mention of 360,000 white men killed in war fighting to liberate black Americans from slavery because America Bad. No mention of Soros-funded race-baiting and paid agitators)

3. says Trump’s base of voters must be crushed

4. described 4-hour War Games scenario run by media and “senior US political operatives, constitutional lawyers, and scholars”, says he cannot share details due to “Chatham House rules” (https://www.chathamhouse.org/chatham-house-rule), in other words, media are chumming up to the deep state and deciding how to spin this, so they don't want details leaked

5. Orange Man Bad might win, big dooms because can’t do re-runs until desired result achieved (a tactic the globalists tried with Brexit, some of you may recall). WAAAAHHHH!

6. Electoral College Bad

7. Orange Man Bad, even if he loses still has 10 weeks in power with Barr as AG, even if Bad Americans stop being racist long enough to vote as the media want them to

8. Only light at the end of the tunnel is Trump and Bad Americans being crushed completely in a landslide (they left out the implied “get busy printing, China!”)

The article then hands over to another journalist, Rana Foroohar, for a response. Couldn’t make this stuff up, the first line is:

“Wow, Ed, I’m now wondering if you own MI6 cufflinks like our former boss.”

MI6 = British Foreign intelligence service. Rest of the response summarized:

1. America Bad, Orange Man Bad

2. Trump only in it to line his pockets (?!)

3. Facebook “in cahoots with the president” (?!?!?)

4. Trump playing “the race card” (?!?!?!?….)

5. Baddest Americans “poor, white, rural” gonna die anyway because virus

6. Bad Orange Man will resort to “more draconian voter suppression and intimidation” (that one’s right out of Alinsky, accuse the other side of your own crimes)

7. Bad Americans were “conned” but can still save us champagne socialists and deep state types from Bad Orange Man.