Farage Slams BBC, Sky for Portraying UK as ‘Cesspit of Bigots and Racists’

Nigel Farage has criticised the UK’s establishment media for its breathless coverage of leftist narratives which are not only irrelevant to the British experience but infer that “Britain is a hotbed of racism”.

“In the last few weeks, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 News, and Sky News have all shone a magnifying glass with great intensity on the issue of race because of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“As many others have pointed out already, the fact that America and Britain are very different countries; with divergent histories; and contrasting methods of policing, has apparently been of no consequence to these news organisations. By also inferring that Britain is a hotbed of racism, these broadcasters have been utterly dishonest,” Mr Farage wrote in The Telegraph on Wednesday.

“They carried reports about the rioting and looting in U.S. cities which followed Mr Floyd’s death on such a scale that anybody would have thought his appalling killing had taken place on British soil.

“Instead of examining what Black Lives Matter truly wants, including its aim to ‘defund’ the police, the mainstream media has presented its coverage as though Britain is a seething cesspit of racists and bigots,” he added.

Part of the problem, Mr Farage has said in recent days, is that those media organisations which do not toe the left-progressive line are subject to threats of defunding via advertising. Far-left movements seeking to shut down free speech and the free press are far more organised, he says, and have become proficient at mobilising campaigns against journalists or news outlets.