Tashina Gauhar

Never heard of her.

Tashina "Tash" Gauhar, also goes by Tanisha Guahar, is the Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) in the Department of Justice National Security Division (NSD). Gauhar is a FISA lawyer.

Guahar is said to have been removed from her position in charge of FISA applications immediately after IG Michael Horowitz submitted his first draft report to Attorney General Bill Barr for classification review. Gauhar now reportedly works for Boeing

The team of Toscas and Gauhar, under President Obama, took revisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and processes enabled by the Patriot Act,[3] - intended to target al-Qaeda - and applied them to a Republican presidential candidate, labelling the candidate and his organization a "threat to national security".

Gauhar appears in Strzok texts as “Tash”.

On April 18, 2016 NSA director Adm. Mike Rogers terminated FBI contractor access to the FISA database after auditors determined a pattern of abuse which exploded in late 2015 and early 2016.[7][8] Over 5000 American citizens' constitutional and civil rights were systematically being violated by illegal FISA 702 search queries. The unnamed persons whose rights were violated are people associated with the Trump campaign, including Michael Cohen.

The following day Mary Jacoby, wife of FusionGPS founder Glenn Simpson, met with Obama officials in the White House.[9] FusionGPS is suspected of being one of the FBI contractors that the FISA court and NSA determined were performing illegal 702 search queries on American citizens.

The next week Tash Gauhar attended two all day White House meetings. FBI Counsel James Baker, Trisha B Anderson (FBI) and other DOJ FISA attorneys were also in attendance.[10][11][12][13] Five days after that the DNC and Clinton campaign hired FusionGPS to do 'cash for trash' on Donald Trump.[14]


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Pic: I've only seen two images that could possibly be her. The internet seems to have been scrubbed nearly clean.