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The Clintons Access to Intel and Personal Information Through AGT International Which They Helped Found (parts 1-3) (fourstarleader.com)

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1/3 (reposted with links)

The Clintons Access to Intel and Personal Information Through AGT International Which They Helped Found

From my timeline. Here's the key:

2007: Martin L. Edelman, attorney with Paul Hastings LLP, New York, and friend and donor of the Clintons,with the help of the Clintons and Mati Kochavi, NYC real estate tycoon, spawned a project involving companies gathered together to develop and sell Homeland Security intelligence methods globally, including the U.S. This group was called AGT International.The Clinton's profits were paid to their Foundation.

September 23, 2010: AGT, Mati Kochavi, addressed the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. Kochavi discussed the Clinton "aid" in Haiti, offering how AGT could "help".Barack Obama was also in attendance.As we know, Haiti was never helped. They used that event as a cover for something else, and they robbed the Haitians. Furthermore, the Clinton Global Initiative under the Clinton Foundation was operating unlawfully per the regulations relative to a non-profit.

2011: AGT purchased iJET,making inroads into the law enforcement and the federal agency market in the US. iJET had contractors servicing the federal government, the DoD, the Pentagon, and the State Department, illegally sharing the technology for which the U.S. paid them to produce, with their global customers and governments.

2012: AGT sold iJET because the DoD/Pentagon learned of AGT actions and forced AGT to unload iJET or face sanctions. However, AGT continued collaborating with iJET.

March 1, 2012: AGT conducted cyber attacks to display their capability. The targets were the South African Reserve Bank and the Qatar Electricity & Water Co.The first attack resulted in access to the bank customer database, the second enabled administrative access to the company's controls.This demonstration was conducted before 150 people with CEO Kochavi’s authorization with Martin Edelman observing.

June 5, 2012:AGT International announced an agreement in Guangzhou, China,to create their sensitive and highly classified system.

July, 2012: The Clintons had been endorsing AGT with, among other things, political backing in the US as well as promotional presentations.

Also this month,AGT arranged a visit to NYC of a group of Chinese officials, and as AGT was selling highly sensitive technology while under contract to the U.S., this was against U.S. regulations, and a crime. It is apparent then their visas were mischaracterized to avoid divulging their true purpose.

2014: AGT was thrown out of Singapore by the Chinese government–for corruption! Obviously, the Chinese were smart enough to know that what they had been doing to the U.S. and to others, they could easily do to them.

2016: DOJ investigated AGT relative to selling defense and Homeland Security products to Russia and China. As a result, AGT shutdown most of its companies in the US.

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March, 2016:Symantec discovered Chinese hackers operating out of Guangzhou were using tweaked versions of two NSA. tools, called Eternal Synergy and Double Pulsar. Remember, this was technology AGT had sold them after having developed it for intelligence in the U.S.

March 31, 2016:As per a memo dated April 18, 2016, a conversation took place between an individual and the U.S. Attorney's office relative to an investigation of tax fraud on the part of AGT. AGT were tipped off, and they shut down operations in NYC. The investigation never came to anything since the year was 2016–and Hillary Clinton was running for President. DOJ/FBI of the Obama administration suppressed it.AGT was defense contractor for the U.S., but after developing sensitive systems for the U.S., they would use other companies under their global umbrella to sell these same products in foreign lands, including Russia and China, something against the law in the U.S. as a condition of the contract.AGT also used its clout and criminal practices to send their foreign employees to enter sensitive areas in the U.S. to gather intelligence and operational information.Often, they entered with the help of company or military members who were moles or bribed.The suppression of the investigation by the Obama administration was likely also to hide their own activities making use of the AGT practices to interfere in foreign governments.


The Clintons as well had personal access to secrets and information of countries, companies, and individuals–should they wish to conduct opposition research, for example. They also lavished their former government underlings with lucrative contracts and positions.

April, 2017: The hackers, Shadow Brokers, dumped its entire collection of NSA. exploits.They had been using NSA tools AGT had sold illegally.The release of the NSA’s hacking forced the agency to turn over its arsenal of software vulnerabilities to Microsoft for patching and to shut down some of the NSA’s most sensitive counterterrorism operations. The hacking tools got into the hands of North Korea and Russia, and were used to cripple the British health care system, shut down operations at the shipping corporation Maersk, and cut short critical supplies of a vaccine manufactured by Merck. In Ukraine, Russia paralyzed critical services, including the airport, Postal Service, gas stations and A.T.M.s in its bid to overtake Ukraine. Even after the arrest of three of the Buckeye hackers, the NSA tools were continued to be used by them or by someone else in attacks in Europe and Asia through September of 2018.

2018: Dato Sri Najib, the Malaysian prime minister, was arrested for corruption and embezzlement of millions of dollars.He had been promoting AGT’s USD RTCC project intuitive. Bypassing U.S. regulations in regard to selling intelligence projects developed by companies under AGT for U.S. government agencies, AGT sold them through other companies under its umbrella.This instance was one of those. AGT had strong armed and influenced the prime minister, making use of impending elections to this end. This was against the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. AGT has also sold sensitive products to China and Russia, and North Korea, among others. Additionally, they avoided enormous tax liability by doing so.

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