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anon - This was set up almost exactly like the Ukraine coup, but DJT was many steps ahead

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Why did the DC Protest fizzle last night?

Trump/Esper/Barr changed the game on them. No regime change by "protestors" infiltrating crowd or

posting "their own" snipers up high.

Evidence of modern day regime change by way of infiltration of 'peaceful protestors'

Model the Ukraine Maiden coup to effect regime change in the United States i.e. overthrow Trump.

Academic paper on analysis of video of the massacre attributes to a FF operation


EsperDOD orders troops disarmed.

Q post


USSS on camera posting 'good guy' snipers to monitor the crowd. (twitter)


All NG given with arrest authority by taking oath of US Marshal. (twitter)


All Air taken out of the 'WH coup"

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This sheds a lot of light on why the USSS visibly placed a counter sniper team, why the NG has many last minute load out changes, and perhaps what the plan was for a coup.

This was set up almost exactly like the Ukraine coup, but DJT was many steps ahead.

Long story short, possible plan was have DS people snipe armed NG, fake or real armed NG fire into the crowd, and then chaos.

Video of Ukraine FF that led to govt over through.