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Summary of Candace Owens comments on George Floyd

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Below are more facts/research that could form the basis for an article about George Floyd and to rebut the narrative of disproportionate police brutality against Blacks, when properly sauced.

Initially found on >>>/qresearch/9505451

Summary of Candace Owens comments on George Floyd:

•25% higher chance as a violent white criminal to die at the hands of a police officer than as a black criminal

•2018: 19 white people were killed by police officers and 9 black people

•Percentage of people killed by police annually: Whites 55%, Blacks 27%, Hispanic 19%.

•The relevant category here is what % of the violent community you represent

•2018: Black men (6 % of the US-population) account for 44% of all murders

•2018: White people (60% of US-population) represent 50% of all murders

•Police officers are 18 times more eligible to be killed by a black person than police officers killing a black person

•How about blacks killing blacks, like in Chicago on Memorial day 2020 >> 40 blacks were killed, nobody talks about that. Where’s the outrage on that???

•Doctors kill 250,000 people every year because of “accidents”

•So the Point is in every profession PEOPLE SUCK, because people are NOT-PERFECT ACROSS THE BOARD

•This also means that: Racially motivated police brutality is a MYTH!

George Floyd was not such a “good” human being that he should be clean-cut “MARTYR”

During his arrest George was high on fentanyl and amphetamine.

Georgie prison time:

1999 >> 10 months armed robbery

2002 >> 8 months cocaine offence

2004 >> 10 months cocaine offence

2005 >> 10 months cocaine offence

2007 >> tried to rob pregnant women at her home, George pressed gun to her stomach

In his Porn-movie Georgie was high as a kite too. His porn actor name is “Big Floyd”, take a look for yourself:


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