George Floyd was a hit job to protect a money laundering operation (FBI?) at El Nuevo Rodeo.

-Owned by Omar Investments (Muna Sabri)

-Relative Basim Sabri busted by FBI on 3 bribery counts in 2001.

-9/11/01 - Intel agencies scramble to monitor for domestic threats

-Creates asset point for US security to embed in Minneapolis to monitor Somalis

-El Nuevo Rodeo (restuarant/club) possibly involved in money laundering

-Derek Chauvin & George Floyd work together at club, Chauvin for 17 years, right after Sabri is busted by FBI.

-Fast forward 2020. Wuhan virus shuts down all restaurants/clubs in Minneapolis

-By default, shuts down illegal activity by legit operation.

-Resulting in any activity in laundering/counterfeit op deposits by club booker would be suspicious while business is closed

-Resulting in George Floyd being out of work. No work, no pay.

-Police called to Cup Foods where George Floyd reportedly passing fake $20

-Chauvin responds to call and executes hit on Floyd for potentially putting El Nuevo Rodeo operation at risk.

-Floyd resists getting into car where he knew he would disappear

-Chauvin kills Floyd in public, broad daylight, with multiple cameras capturing event.

-"EMT"s responding are Sherrif Dept, not medical, load body

-No charges filed in 2006 Chauvin shooting incident

-Possibly related, El Rodeo in Los Angeles is taken down as a drug-trafficking ring between US & Mex in 2015 by DEA

-Possible that El Rodeo NUEVO (New El Rodeo) takes over where ER LA left off for northern trade.