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Detroit Police wearing the Punisher Logo

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Detroit Police wearing the Punisher Logo

Pics from Detroit today ~ Antifa by the Detroit City Airport ~ Gratiot Ave. & Mack Ave.

Some faggots on twatter don't know what "the skull" means and some other faggots answer is fake & gaye


Nick [email protected]

Here are some photos of Detroit police apparently from today. Can anyone explain the skull? Given the use of the totenkopf by the SS, doesn’t it seem just a little bit inappropriate??

it’s M the autumn owl



As some have mentioned, it's the Punisher logo, and it's been co-opted by multiple groups on the far-right. Blue Lives Matter, militia groups and also QAnon folk tend to sling it around without permissio . Reminds me of a violent version of the Calvin-pees-or-prays stickers.


Also, the creator, Gerry Conway, told them to knock it off… and that Frank Castle was not only a horrible person who shouldn't be idolized, but he was against fascists and thugs and would be more likely to kick all their asses. Which I thought was hilarious.


Co-opting things like this is actually pretty common on the far-right. Everything from Pepe to the red/blue pill.

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James Craig (Detroit PD Chief) has a history of going against the narrative. Like openly calling for lawful citizens to own guns.