24-Year-Old Philadelphia Man Dead After Trying To Blow Up ATM During Riots

A Philadelphia man was killed while attempting to detonate an explosive device at an ATM overnight. At least 30 ATMs were targeted by a “coordinated group,” police say.

The unidentified man was fatally wounded outside of a sports bar at North 2nd Street and Susquehanna Avenue—the incident occurred around 6:15 a.m. local time.

WCAU reported: Police found live explosives at the scene and focused their investigation on the blasted ATM, debris on the street and on a vehicle parked nearby.

Nearby residents and those living in neighborhoods across the city heard blasts as looting in the wake of George Floyd protests continued for a fourth day.

[…] In most cases, police said, thieves set off explosive devices, blowing up the machines before making off with the cash. In other cases, they would just steal the machines.