Ops On. Go Signal- Timing

By setting the date for RR to testify to Senate. Q and Potus were able to determine when DS was going to go live with their Op.

When was RR testimony date established?

We had the advantage because we set the date and they had to plan their Ops to Counter.

RR based on his meeting with Potus on AF1 and his cordial DOJ going away party with BB is very likely cooperating and can bring alot to light about the coup d'etat against Potus.

So the DS created a war zone in America as a means to leverage Potus into backing down and/or prevent RR testimony tomorrow.

It is still early but we have a powerful MIL presence in DC, Jack Poso is likely a white hat, called out by Q for optics, retweeted recently by Potus and who released info that two crates of pipe bombs were found in DC tonight. Also posted pics of Spec Ops around DC identified as likely HRT, that was for public disclosure and anons likely. He posted a retweet this evening of someone asking what are the Qanons doing.

Earlier anons were asking what would [They] do to prevent RR from testifying and when?