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Black women on twitter are angry with Don Lemon & CNN tonight for excluding them from their special

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There's a Feud goin' on in Twatter…

… Black Women VERY Angry with Don Lemon & CNN tonight…they feel slighted because the CNN Special ONLY FOCUS on CIS Black Men Not Including Black Women & queer

Maiko Thee Lemon Coochie Replying to @CNN @donlemon

Stop the erasure black women and queer people. Stop centering cis het black men when it's the community as a whole that is being targeted.

Subpar journalism. Who's working on this? Jun 1, 2020

Bee Baby

Replying to @CNN @donlemon

I won’t be watching.

Black women are victims of police brutality at rates 3x higher than that of black men.

I won’t be supporting any movements that exclude black women.

That stops now.

No citations? Don't argue. Post-Black Slander Acct

@[email protected]

Black women deserve to be visible but the data point you shared isn't true.


Replying to

@CNN @donlemon

Not watching since y’all didn’t include blk women. We always get forgotten it’s sickening.

Marcus R Johnson

…@CNN @donlemon

I doubt you actually care about black women. Seems like you care more about tossing around fake numbers and creating who is more a victim btw blk men and women. Jun 2, 2020


“I Can’t Breathe - Black Men Living and Dying In America.”

@DonLemon hosts this CNN special report tonight 8 p.m. ET

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Sorry ~ forgot the Twatter link