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Moar digs on Raul Dubey, DC Antifa supporter who housed 100 protestors in DC overnight

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An Anon called to dig in last bread on this guy Rahul Dubey who housed like 100 protestors in DC overnight (it wasn't posted in notables).

Anyway upon digging and one connection leading to another, I found a fairly new profile on TWATTER called




Whotse TWATTER links to their website

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Dammit hit "post" by accident!

Anyone hear of this group? These frikin Libs take all kinds of money for all kinds of bullshit and then throw it the fuck away for stupid shit

This is for bail money and legal assistance, etc.

Thes people are so organized, its disgusting.

Anyway, has anyone heard of them?

Freedom Fighters DC Fund

Please fill out the form below to submit a criminal/bond referral or a request for financial assistance with protest-related emergency legal, medical, or other needs. This form is open to those in the DC/MD/Northern Virginia area. Please do not provide any information that may put you at risk as google forms is not 100% secured. If you have problems filling out this form, please email freedom.fighters[email protected] or call/text 571-210-2599.

* Required