Pat Lang is a prominent warfighter. His opinions are worth your time. Pat Lang is writing about the Seth Rich connection to Wikileaks. You should read it.

Most of you have never heard of Ed Butowsky. But among the anti-Trump mob Ed is well known and stands falsely accused of being an integral member of an alleged conspiracy to name Seth Rich as the leaker of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails. He is also accused of being part of a broader plot to exonerate Donald Trump as a stooge of the Russians.

Ed’s journey to becoming one of the most reviled “conspiracy nuts” started with a simple act—he was asked by an intermediary of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, to reach out to the parents of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. Ed was contacted in November 2016 by Ellen Ratner, a news analyst and former White House correspondent, whose brother, Michael Ratner, had been the lawyer for Assange. Ellen told Ed about her conversation with Julian in London in early November and explained that Julian was looking for someone to reach out to Seth’s parents and let them know that Seth provided the emails from the DNC and hoped this info might help in the murder investigation.

Ed’s account of Ellen's knowledge of Wikileaks and Seth Rich is corroborated in a video of her comments during a panel discussion at a Florida college shortly after Trump was elected. Rattner says that she met with Julian Assange in London on November 5, 2016 and Assange was emphatic in denying that Wikileaks obtained the DNC emails from a Russian cyber operation. Rattner said the culprit was an insider aligned with the Democrats (

There is other independent evidence that buttresses Ratner’s account of what Julian said was the source for the DNC emails. Assange, in an unprecedented move told a Dutch journalist in an interview posted on August 9, 2016 that Wikileaks was offering a $20,000 reward for information to identify the killer or killers of Seth Rich. The head of Wikileaks, living in London, does not offer a reward for info about the killing of a young man in Washington, D.C. during a supposedly routine street robbery who has no ties or relationship with Wikileaks. Assange makes the broader point during the interview with Dutch TV that sources for Wikileaks take risks in providing sensitive or secret material to Assange. The implication is clear to anyone with average intelligence: Seth Rich was a source for Wikileaks.

Ellen’s message from Assange resonated with Ed Butowsky, who has a son a few years younger than Seth. Ed felt enormous empathy for Joel and Mary Rich and could only begin to imagine the horror and the profound pain they felt having lost their son. Ellen, meanwhile, persisted in asking Ed to communicate Julian’s message to the Rich family. Ed searched for contact with the family and ultimately made a connection through Facebook. Ed described his first contact with the Rich family to Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit:

“I got them on the phone and I shared with them the information that this man [Assange] had wanted them to know. What I told them was that I was told that your son downloaded the emails from the DNC server and sold them to WikiLeaks,” Butowsky stated. “Mr. Rich said, and I didn’t see him—it was over the phone, ‘Ed, we already know that. That’s not new information to us.’”