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AF2 VIP C-32 A from Dobbins ARB lining up at JBA


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>>9280929 late last bread repost because interesting to PF.

This is an agressive test flight as I just witnessed a 3,800 foot per minute dive followed by an almost equally agressive climb. Look at that cap! 48,000 feet! Followed by a 5,376 fpm dive! Life as a Gulfstream test pilot must be a lot of fun!

Gulfstream Aerospace doing some flight testing of their brand new GVIII-G700 over the Atlantic off Charleston, SC. So new that the type is shown as ZZZZ.

Monday, 11 May 2020

G700's Development Gains Momentum

Having flown for its first time on February 14, the prototype Gulfstream GVIII-G700 now has two fleet mates participating in the flight-test program. The second example (c/n 87002 N702GD) first flew on March 20 and the third (c/n 87003 N703GA) took to the air for its first time on May 8.

The three aircraft have accumulated more than 100 hours of flight time. As well, the new model has flown as high as 54,000 feet / 16,459 metres and as fast as Mach 0.94.

Production of Gulfstream's new flagship is ramping up and there are now eight airframes posted on the United States Civil Aircraft Register.


Gulfstream Now Has Trio of Test G700s in Flight Testing

by Chad Trautvetter

- May 10, 2020, 5:06 PM

Gulfstream Aerospace now has three of its planned five flight-test G700s online, the aircraft manufacturer announced late Friday evening. The third test aircraft—registered as N703GA and dubbed T3 by Gulfstream—made a 3-hour, 2-minute first flight midday Friday from the company’s headquarters at Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. T3 reached 45,000 feet and Mach 0.85 during the flight.

The first flight-test G700—T1, registered as G700GA—has been flying since February 14, while T2 has been flying since March 20. These three aircraft have logged more than 100 flight hours to date, during which the G700’s envelope has been expanded to 54,000 feet and Mach 0.94.

T1 will focus on envelope expansion, flutter, stalls, flying qualities, flight control, and ice shapes; T2, cabin development and static test; T3, loads/PID, engine/thrust-reverser operation, field performance, and climb performance; T4, environmental control system, mechanical systems, flight into known icing, and cooling/vent; T5, avionics and level-D sim data. A sixth G700 will also serve as a production test aircraft.

“The G700 flight-test program is running very well, a reflection of the extensive testing we conducted in our ground labs,” said Gulfstream president Mark Burns. “All three flight-test aircraft are performing exactly as we expected.”

Powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines, the Mach 0.90, 6,400-nm G700 features a five-living-area cabin with 20 panoramic windows. It also includes the Gulfstream Symmetry flight deck with electronically linked active control sidesticks, touchscreen controls, and a predictive landing performance system for enhanced runway safety.

Service entry of the long-range twinjet—a stretch derivative of the G650ER—is scheduled for 2022.


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CONUS snapshot

AZAZ09O9 C-560 out of Huntsville Int'l ne-origin JBA

note: O=operators are active

LOBO474 C-560 from Lake Charles, NO-Chennault Int'l Airport. This has had stops at Amarillo, TX and MCAS Yuma-origin Cherry Pt. and was LOBO861 earlier

XXXX C-130 Hercules out of Cannon AFB Clovis, NM ne

VENUS91 USAF C32A done with fly overs at Columbus, OH-Rickenbacker Int'l and gaining altitude

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NINJA64 C-560 getting an early-ish Sat morning start out of Atsugi NAF and sw

MC4622 US Navy Clipper departed Guam-Andersen AFB ne