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Bank president and at least one other are pulled ALIVE from wreck of Airbus A320 that crashed into residential area of Karachi

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Did the target survive?

Bank president and at least one other are pulled ALIVE from wreck of Airbus A320 that crashed into residential area of Karachi with 108 aboard after 'both engines failed'

Witnesses saw the plane attempt to land up to three times before the crash happened on its fourth attempt

The captain told air traffic control he had lost one of his engines and made a final desperate mayday call

Emergency authorities including the military have been deployed in a bid to find survivors injured in the crash

Bank of Punjab president Zafar Masood was pulled alive from the wreckage and was able to speak in hospital

Videos and photos show a wrecked plane door with flaming rubble and debris strewn across the area

A bank executive and at least one other passenger have been pulled alive from the wreckage of an Airbus A320 which crashed after an engine failure in Pakistan today with 108 people on board.

Bank of Punjab president Zafar Masood was dragged from the smoking debris of the Pakistan International Airlines flight after it smashed into a residential area in Karachi today.

Pakistani officials said two people had survived the crash while local TV said there were three survivors who had sat at the front of the plane, but the other 105 passengers and crew are believed to have died.

'Thank you so much. God has been merciful,' Mr Masood, the banker who was in seat 1C said, according to officials who spoke to him in hospital after the crash. The other known survivor was named as Muhammad Zubair.

Witnesses said the flight from Lahore had made three failed attempts to land at Jinnah International Airport before ploughing into the Model Colony area of the city on a fourth landing attempt.

The pilot told air traffic control that he had lost both of his engines and a recording has emerged of the captain making a final mayday call before the crash. The Airbus A320-214 model uses a CFM56 engine made by CFM International, a joint venture between US-based General Electric and France's Safran.

A photo of the aircraft on approach also shows that the landing gear is still up and black scorch marks under each engine.

The air traffic control recording starts after the pilot has lready made one failed landing attempt.



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Moment of Pakistani Plane Crash Caught on Camera - Video

Earlier in the day, a Pakistan International Airlines A320 Airbus, carrying more than 100 people, en route from Lahore to Karachi crashed near Karachi's Model Colony area.

Hours after the crash, CCTV footage has appeared on the internet allegedly showing the exact moment the passenger plane went down near Jinnah International Airport.

While the final official death toll hasn't been announced yet as the rescue operation is still underway, a spokesman for the government of the province of Sindh announced that at least three people survived the incident.