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moar diggs on the "HCQ leads to increased risk of death" study

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moar diggs on the "HCQ leads to increased risk of death" study

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>SSD is the founder of Surgisphere Corporation.

>they used data from Surgisphere to do the study.

Surgisphere also happened to come out with a "rapid diagnostic tool for novel coronavirus" on 3/12 - only 1 day after the WHO declares a global pandemic.

Was this test used to identify patients for the study?

Has the accuracy of this test been verified by any independent third-parties?

If it has not, then the entire study should be called into question.


CHICAGO, March 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Surgisphere Corporation announces the availability of a rapid diagnostic tool for novel coronavirus. Leveraging the power of its global research network and advanced machine learning, Surgisphere has developed an intelligent tool that uses as few as three common laboratory tests to identify patients likely to have coronavirus infection. With a sensitivity of 93.7% and specificity of 99.9%, this highly accurate test can help limit transmission of this deadly virus by identifying and isolating affected patients sooner, mobilizing appropriate public health resources, and avoiding the delays associated with current testing.

Surgisphere used its cloud-based healthcare data analytics platform (QuartzClinical) to identify patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in five countries. A machine learning model using decision tree analysis was created with clinical and lab data on 430 patients to develop this decision support tool. This resource is now available for public use at https://www.SurgicalOutcomes.com/. These advances have been submitted to a leading medical journal for rapid peer review and publication.

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- CEO of Surgisphere -


Sapan Desai, MD, PhD, MBA is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Surgisphere Corporation, a medical education and healthcare data analytics company with hundreds of clients around the world. He has held multiple physician leadership roles in clinical practice, including serving as the Vice Chairman for Research at Southern Illinois University, Director of Quality at Memorial Medical Center, and Director of Performance Improvement at Northwest Community Hospital. Dr. Desai is a certified lean six sigma master black belt, and a certified professional in healthcare quality. He is the recipient of the international grand prize in healthcare quality by the International Hospital Federation in 2015.


Dr. Sapan Sharankishor Desai (born April 6 1979) is an American doctor, scientist, lawyer, Chief Executive Officer of Apex Testing, LLC, and Director of the New India Charity Endeavor (NICE). Dr. Desai is the former President of Computer Consulting Service, Inc. and Digital Renditions, LLC. He is married to Niketa Desai.